Our Mission

Affordable and attentive legal services.

Provide legal services to those who do not qualify for legal aid but do not make enough to afford an attorney. Work with startups and small businesses on a step up plan.

The Problem

80% of the legal needs of the poor go unmet.

40-60% of middle class legal needs go unmet.
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Florida average attorney rate is $383/hour
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however, there is not a shortage of lawyers!

Services cost more than the average American can afford, and attorneys still need to earn a living.

Make legal services more affordable.

(1) Keep costs low. At least 40% of attorneys fees are for overhead.
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Kiss Legal Solutions is committed to:

• Eliminate a large portion of overhead by only paying for office space as needed.
• Utilize technology to reduce paper costs and maximize resources.

(2) Use a systematic approach to cases – eliminate surprises and utilize checklists to prevent multiple follow-ups, etc.

(3) Not pay for expensive marketing. Relying on grassroots marketing, free advertising and/or charitable contributions.

What this means for you:

(1) SLIDING SCALE FEES: Income scale is derived from 125% – 300% of the federal poverty level. Average hourly attorney rate is $383/hour. KLS ranges from $100-$250/hour.

(2) FLAT FEES: certain services are done for pre-determined flat rates. No hidden costs, no unpredictable hourly billing.

(3) PAYMENT PLANS: affordable monthly payment plans available for flat fees and sliding scale fees.

(4) YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: We are committed to attentive legal services. You will not get a large downtown office with a view, fancy office furniture or expensive client dinners. You will get competent and timely legal advice, open communication with your attorney and a strong commitment to your case.

The Solution

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While a legal outcome can be unpredictable at times, we want to
help you eliminate that risk and be prepared for the future.

Kiss Legal Solutions, P.A. is a modern law firm providing affordable and attentive services to middle-class Americans.

© 2017 Kiss Legal Solutions.

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