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10% of the firm’s business is devoted to helping close the gap of affordable legal services.

The Problem

80% of the legal needs of the poor go unmet.

40-60% of middle class legal needs go unmet.
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Florida average attorney rate is $383/hour
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however, there is not a shortage of lawyers!

Services cost more than the average American can afford, and attorneys still need to earn a living.

For qualifying families,
Kiss Legal Solutions offers

(1) SLIDING SCALE FEES: Income scale is derived from 125% – 300% of the federal poverty level. Average hourly attorney rate is $383/hour. KLS will offer from $75-$200/hour. (proof of income is required to qualify.)
(2) FLAT FEES: certain services are done for pre-determined flat rates. No hidden costs, no unpredictable hourly billing.
(3) PAYMENT PLANS: affordable monthly payment plans available for flat fees and sliding scale fees.
***Pro bono cases accepted on a case-by-case basis.

The Solution

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While a legal outcome can be unpredictable at times, we want to
help you eliminate that risk and be prepared for the future.

Kiss Legal Solutions, P.A. is a modern law firm providing affordable and attentive services to middle-class Americans.

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